Monday, June 4, 2012

White Noise Relax And Sleep

Want to relax and sleep better? Or may be want to get rid of tinnitus? Anyway you should try our White Noise machine. White Noise maker is an amazing health application, allowing you to relax, cure insomnia and increase your quality of sleep. With this app you can easily get rid of insomnia and have a chance to find out why the world is sleeping better

- install "White noise Relax and Sleep" to SD card
- 6 different color noise sounds (brown, grey, pink, violet, blue noise)
- count Down Timer for music relaxation therapy
- different wallpaper for each color noise
- white noise for baby sleep
- curative music run in background of our noise generator
- relaxation for human brains
- only good quality color noise sounds (white noise, pink noise)
- long relax melody samples by noise generator
- wiki tips how to sleep, relax and breathe
- set any noise as ringtone or alarm sound
- pink noise
- brown noise
- blue noise
- violet noise
- grey noise

White noise machine

A white noise machine (pink noise) is a device that produces a sound that is random in character, which sounds like a rushing waterfall or wind blowing through trees. Often such devices do not produce actual white noise, which has a harsh sound, but more often pink noise, whose power rolls off at higher frequencies, or other colors of noise.

Use (white noise lite)

White noise generators (brown noise) are available from numerous manufacturers in many forms, for a variety of different uses, including audio testing equipment, sound masking products, sleep aid devices, and power nap machines. Sleep-aid and nap-machine products may also produce other soothing sounds, such as music, rain, wind, highway traffic and ocean waves mixed with white noise. White noise generators are often used by sufferers of tinnitus to mask their symptoms.

Sound-masking devices are often used to protect privacy by masking distant conversations, for example, in a psychiatrist's waiting room. Studies have shown that sound masking can contribute to acoustic satisfaction in open-plan offices, although the level and spectral properties of masking sounds should be selected so that the overall acoustic environment is neither too loud nor too hissy, while still masking annoying speech sounds.
Manufacturers of sound-masking devices recommend that the volume of white noise machines be initially set at a comfortable level, even if it does not provide the desired level of privacy. As the ear becomes accustomed to the new sound and learns to tune it out, the volume can be gradually increased to increase privacy.

Manufacturers of sleeping aids and power-napping devices recommend that the volume level be set slightly louder than normal music listening level, but always within a comfortable listening range.
Tinnitus masker (white noise app)

Tinnitus maskers are a range of devices based on simple white noise (grey noise) machines which are used to add natural or artificial sound into a tinnitus sufferer's environment in order to suppress or mask the perceived ringing. Tinnitus maskers increase the level of sound in the listener's environment and therefore mask the ringing in the sufferer's head with a calming, less intrusive sound.


The concept that an external sound could suppress perception of an internal one was first realised clinically in the mid 1970s, when was reported that white noise was effective in alleviating tinnitus.
These masker devices use soothing natural sounds such as ocean surf, rainfall or synthetic sounds such as white noise, pink noise, brown noise to help the auditory system to become less sensitive to tinnitus, and promote relaxation by reducing the contrast between tinnitus sounds and background sound.