Saturday, September 1, 2012

Rain Sounds Relax & Sleep

Sounds that help you to relax and sleep.
Want to relax? Wish to fall asleep quickly? Would you like to have music for meditation, therapy or yoga classes? "Rain sounds" is what you need!

Our soothing music app has 10 relaxing sounds of the rain, wind and thunder that help you to sleep:

1) Under tree in rain
2) Walking under rain
3) Rain
4) Thunder storm
5) Heavy rain
6) Rain in the city street
7) Wind and rain
8) Under umbrella in the rain
9) Rain on the roof
10) Rain drops

The purpose of Rain Sounds Relax & Sleep :

The idea is simple enough, listen to sounds of rain, wind and thunder storm alone or with another song. The natural, relaxing sound of rain can make great relax music even more enjoyable. Rain (white noise) seems to be nothing more than precipitation. It`s just drops of water falling from the sky. But can rain sounds leave you indifferent? In these nature sounds you can hear joy and sadness, all our feelings and emotions, all our life. Autumn thunder sound or winter rain music greatly emphasizes the comfort and warmth of your home that seems to be a shelter covering you from all these weather tricks. The sound of rain drops drumming on the roof or windowsill is a perfect relaxant that calms nerves and envelops you in the atmosphere of coziness and warmth of your family hearth. When you are in a melancholic mood or want to think about the sense of life, windstorm sound will be your best assistant.

Rain Sounds Therapy (Music Therapy) :

Lots of living organisms influence each other with the help of sounds. Sounds can be divided into negative ones (noises) and positive. Negative sounds (noises) can affect our health, and positive nature sounds, on the contrary, have a wholesome effect.
Scientifically proved that nature sounds belong to positive ones. There is special branch of medicine – sound therapy (relax music therapy). Sounds of nature have a salutary influence on us and fight stress, insomnia, high blood pressure.


  1. I tried this for kindle and then uninstalled it. However, kindle plays ocean sounds as notification. How do I stop this? Where is the ocean sounds file stored? I'd like to delete it.

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